As well as her powerful contributions to debates in the House of Lords, Helena Kennedy is an acclaimed public speaker who is frequently invited to give lectures and after-dinner speeches. She has given the Orwell lecture, the Darwin lecture, the Bentham Lecture, the Orange Prize lecture - amongst many others. She received the ultimate lawyers' accolade by being invited to give the Hamlyn Lecture series in 2002.

Fircroft College Centenary Lecture

On 8th June 2009, Helena gave a talk at the University of Birmingham. Click the link to download the text of the speech.

Other speeches

The following are some of the significant speeches (accessed via Hansard) that Helena Kennedy has made since her elevation to the House of Lords in 1997.

6 February 2009
Gaza Debate

5 February 2009
Economy debate

14 March 2008
House of Lords Taxation status of members

13 March 2008
Voting systems

7 February 2008
Criminal Justice and Women

22 January 2008
Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

12 November 2007
Debate on the Address - democracy and Civil Liberties

6 March 2006
Identity Card bill

31 October 2005
Identity Card Bill

26 January 2005
Poverty in developing countries

1 March 2005
Prevention of Terrorism Bill (Detention withou Trial )

3 March 2005
Preventiuon of Terrorism Bill Control Orders

7 March
Prevention of terrorism Bill

10 March 2004
Prevention of Terrorism Bill

12 February 2004
Supreme court and Judicial reforms

9 July 2002
Nationality Immigration and Asylum bill

15th January 2001
International Criminal Court Bill

7th february 2001
Global Poverty motion

27 June 2001
Debate on the Address - civil liberties

27 November 2001:
Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill

27 November 2001:
Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Bill

28 September 2000:
Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) Bill – Second Reading

20 January 2000:
Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) Bill

2 December 1999:
Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) Bill

3 September 1998:
Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Bill

22 June 1998:
Witnesses in Criminal Trials

19 November 1997:
Constitutional Change: Cross-party co-operation – Helena Kennedy's maiden speech