Learning Works (1997):
Report of the committee on widening participation in further education, Further Education Funding Council. This seminal work changed government policy on further education.

Banged Up, Beaten Up, Cutting Up (1995):
Report of the commission of inquiry into violence in penal institutions for young people, Howard League for Penal Reform.

Secrecy vs Safety (1994):
Report for Reading Borough Council following an inquiry into the health, environmental and safety aspects of the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston. This recommended that there should be 'a full public enquiry into the health, environmental and safety aspects of AWE Aldermaston' and that this enquiry was 'well overdue'.

Sudden Infant Death (2005):
Report for the Royal College of Pathologists and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Care after the miscarriage of justice cases involving mothers who had been accused of killing their babies. The Report recommended important policy changes and the establishment of a national protocol for the investigation of infant death.

*The Power Report (2007) Report of the Power Inquiry for the Rowntree Trusts. This was a national inquiry over 18months which looked into the state of British democracy, why people were no longer voting or joining political parties and examining the roots of public distrust.

Homicide Cases - Risk Management of Mental Patients (2008):
Report for the Royal College of Psychiatrists into the government's initiatives to reduce deaths and suicides by mental patients.