Helena Kennedy has presented many radio and television programmes. These include Heart of the Matter, Raw Deal and the award-winning Time, Gentlemen, Please, all for the BBC.

With the producer/director Polly Bide, she made the film Mothers Behind Bars, which changed penal policy in women's prisons. She was also the first female moderator of television's Hypotheticals. In 1987, with the playwright Peter Flannery, she created the highly political drama series Blind Justice, which took the lid off many of the legal scandals of the time.

She is frequently a guest on current affairs and discussion programmes on both radio and television, including Any Questions, Newsnight, Question Time and The Today Programme.


Guest presenter, After Dark, 2003 (Channel 4)

Regular host in the 1980s Late-night discussion programme.

Presenter, The Death of Diana, 1997 (Channel 4)

The constitutional and cultural impact of the death of the Princess of Wales.

Presenter, Time, Gentlemen, Please, 1994 (BBC Scotland)

Programme on sexual equality. Winner, Television Programme category, Industrial Journalism Awards.

Presenter, The Maguires: Forensic evidence on trial, 1997 (BBC2)

Co-producer, Mothers Behind Bars, 1990 (Channel 4)

Presenter, Raw Deal, 1990 (BBC2)

Series of programmes on medical negligence.

Moderator, Hypotheticals, 1980s - 1990s (Granada)

This series analysed current affairs with leading politicians and policy-makers using hypothetical situations. Helena was the first female moderator on the programme – for programmes on surrogate motherhood and artificial insemination.

 Co-creator, Blind Justice, 1987 (BBC-TV)

Award-winning drama series that told some uncomfortable truths about the state of the justice system in contemporary Britain.

Helena was also Presenter of Heart of the Matter, on BBC1, and presenter of Putting Women in the Picture, on BBC2, in 1987.


Presenter, Unwritten Law, 1998 (BBC Radio 4)

Series on libel.

Presenter, The Trial of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', 1990 (BBC Radio 4)